Monday, August 18, 2008

New Job

Well, I've got a part time job and I am having mixed emotions about it. I applied with the school district here in Nephi for a part time job and was called last Friday for an interview with Nebo View Elementary. Well I didn't get that job and was pretty bummed but today I got a call from the High School special ed supervisor saying she really wanted me to come work for her. I was so excited because this will help us get into a house faster and what not, but then I became very emotional because I don't want to leave Gavin. It turns out that Carl will be working some day shifts and I was worried about where we would take Gav, but his cousin who I am SO grateful for said she would be more than happy to tend him. I was worried about him and now I know he'll be in good hands. So I start my job on Wednesday, yeah as in 2 days, and am excited but a little nervous. We'll see how it goes!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

So I finally figured the computers out at the library so here are some of our latest photos. We have been having lots of fun from family reunions to bathing Gavin to just playing at home. Gavin is getting so big and is starting to smile at us whenever he sees us. He is so much fun and I just love being a mom!!!

Gavin FINALLY enjoying a bath, he usually freaks out, but he is starting to like it and play in the tub.

The beginning of what is to be a very handsome boy. He is so cute!!!

Tummy Time! Not Gavin's favorite time

This is a four generation picture at the Stephenson Family Reunion. What awesome people Gavin has to look up to!!! My Grandpa Steve Wanlass, mom Brenda Brown, Me and Gavin. I must add that my Grandpa tried feeding Gav a snow cone...naughty Grandpa. Gotta keep your eye on him!

One of the many happy times Gavin has. Here he really looks like his cousins Riley and Malia Searle (Riley is 8 and Malia 1 1/2). I think Gavin and his cousins will have lots of fun getting into trouble!

So that is our life in a nutshell right now. We are just enjoying each other and enjoying watching Gavin grow. Life is good, I can't complain but I better get going because I left Carl home with Gav and one can only imagine what kind of trouble might be taking place! XOXO

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Girl Weekend

This weekend was so much fun. We had our second annual girl weekend up in Logan at Brit's house. Poor Gavin had to be the only boy, but he handled himself pretty well. We headed up to Logan on Friday morning and were able to make a stop at Burch Creek Animal Hospital (where I worked while in Ogden) to let everyone there meet Gavin. It was so much fun to see everyone and see all the changes. I loved working there and really miss all the animals and wonderful clients. There were a few that I really grew to love and miss them so much so if you are out there Kit, Sam and Mrs. Richards give the dogs a big kiss for me!

We got to Logan and Brit surprised us with the craft. Way cute decorative blocks for our houses, so I'm a bad describer and don't have my camera so to see pics go to Brit and Brandon's blogspot. We went to the farmers market Saturday morning which was so much fun and got some raspberries, apricots, and peas and then began our day. We had loads of fun shopping and just doing girl stuff. Gavin did pretty well with a few emotional outbursts here and there, but what can you expect. All in all it was a great weekend! Now we are back home and struggling to get little Gav man to sleep in his crib. He slept for a few hours in his pack and play last night because I was desperate and rolled up two towels and layed him in the middle of them. He felt like he was being held and actually did pretty good, but by about 4 this morning he wasn't going for it so he slept on me. I know he is very spoiled because I hold him to get him to sleep, but he's my baby and I just can't help it. He gives me the puppy dog eyes and the lip and I just can't handle it. Any advice from other mothers would be greatly appreciate!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Our Little Gav Man!

So Gavin is the cutest and best baby in the world. Obviously from these pictures you can see how much we love Gavin and I have been a slacker in the blogging world, so here are some of my favorite pics of him. He is now a month and a week old (tomorrow) and is growing and changing so much. We love him to pieces!!!! The picture above is him in his Derek Jeter uniform from Aunt Paulyn. He was born on Derek Jeter's birthday (Jeter is shortstop for the New York Yankees) and we love baseball so we were so excited about this uniform. He looks just like my brother Brandon in this picture! It's my favorite!!!

This is Grandma Merlene - Gavin's Great Grandma. She is such a sweet and very strong woman. We love her dearly and are so glad Gavin got to meet her!

This is Gavin with my Grandpa Wanlass. Grandpa loves Gavin, he's the first great grandchild on the Wanlass side and has Grandpa wrapped around his little finger.

This is Gav Man as a gangsta'. I don't know why but I love this one!

Gavin in Daddy's mitt. Can you tell we are hoping for a great future for him...Future shortstop for the New York Yankees!!!

Gavin showing off his muscles. We sent this to Uncle Brandon and he loved it.

So there is our little man! We love him so much and can't wait to share more fun pics with you all!!! Brit is teaching me how to blog better and this weekend we are having our 2nd annual girl weekend so I will definetly have more pics to share!