Saturday, January 22, 2011

Swimming with Aunt Hill

To break up the boring winter we decided today would be a fun day to go swimming. Lucky for me Aunt Hillary was willing to take the monkey swimming and he had a blast! Thanks Aunt Hill for the fun. We definitely need to go again!!

Showing us how he splashes his legs. Poor Hill got lots of water in her face...what a trooper!

Blowing bubbles in the water. I think we are ready for summer swimming lessons! Now lets just bring on the warm weather!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

FINALLY an Update!

Finally we have an updated blog! We recently had a fun little play date at Jumping Jacks, Gav had a blast and ran right along with his buddies. He is so stinking cute and is really growing into a sweet little guy. I am so excited to see him grow and really excited to see what he does with his baby sister.

Gav and Maddox bouncing like crazy.

In December Carl and I went to Vegas for a week. The hospital paid for a Respiratory Conference so Carl had to work while I HAD to relax...and believe me, it was rough:)
I had a blast but I think it was a little much for Carl. I enjoyed the sights and loved the entertainment. I even ran into Captain Jack Sparrow, what a hottie!!

Carl and the Blue M&M

I personally feel I am most like the Green M&M. Not really but she sure is cute.