Saturday, May 23, 2009

Laynie Jo Jolley
First and foremost we are very excited for the new arrival of Laynie Jo Jolley. What a beautiful little girl she is and we are all very excited to spoil her rotten!!

For our anniversary this year Carl and I went to Moab and hiked Arches National Park. We had loads of fun in the heat and seeing all the beautiful wonders of the world. I couldn't resist putting this picture. We had to step over a fallen tree stump on the Fiery Furnace hike and two elderly people were cut pretty bad on their legs. One lady had to be taken out by park rangers because her injury was really bad and she was going into shock. The other one was the gentleman holding his camera. I couldn't resist because his wife (in the pink) was freaking out, our guide (we lovingly called him Ranger Joe) was calling for help and he is shouting out, "Look at the scenery it is absolutely beautiful!" They were definetly the entertainment of the hike!

Gavin was such a good boy and stayed with Casey, Leslie and Gage and he had so much fun. I feel like he gets really bored with Carl and I so when he gets around other kids his true colors shine. Gage and Gavin are going to be such good buddies! Aren't they cute

And finally our property: we are building a house in Nephi and are totally stoked! The bottom pic is our property and the top one is of the hole. Yea we are proud owners of a hole. As it progresses we will keep adding pics but we are very excited!!