Tuesday, September 11, 2012

First day of School!!

Gavin couldn't wait for his first day of school.  All his friends are either in kindergarten or first grade so it was hard for him not to be able to play with friends.  Finally his first day rolled around and he couldn't have been more excited.
He had to wear his Spider Man shirt to match his Spider Man back pack.
He told Kamryn to be a big girl while he was gone:) She sure missed him and kept going into his room to look for him.  She loves her big brother!
This is the closest I could get to the preschool.  Gav wouldn't let me walk him in and gave me a wave as he ran into the class room...I guess my baby is growing up and becoming independent.

Brigham City Temple and the Old Man

Spur of the moment planning and me not having to be at work the first week at school allowed us to take a quick trip to Brigham City for the temple openhouse.  We were lucky enough to have Aunt Hillary come with us and enjoy the day as well.  Gavin thought it was pretty cool that we got to ride on big buses to get to the temple.  Both kids were surprisingly very reverant during the waiting process and did so good inside the temple too.  Gavin was intrigued with the pamphlet that we got before we went in the temple and was excited to see the river (baptismal font).  Once inside it was so beautiful and spiritual.  I held Gavin up so he could see in the mirrors that are across from each other and told him we would go on forever just like the mirrors.  He was amazed and said, "Wow that is a really long time."  I am so glad we got the opportunity to see the temple and am grateful for my eternal family!

The kids and Aunt Hill outside the temple.  Gavin was being extremely happy at the moment.

Gavin loves his Aunt Hill!!
It was hard for Gavin to keep his hands out of the water, and he kept wanting to throw a penny in it to make a wish...what a kid!
This year Carl turned the big 30 and we had to celebrate.  We had my family over for a bbq and had a good time enjoying each other's company.
The two men cooking dinner.
Kamryn had to supervise the boys...she knows the kind of mischief they can get into when left alone!
Daddy's birthday cake!