Friday, March 23, 2012

Loving the weather and the kids!

The weather has been awesome and we have loved every minute we can spend outside. Gavin has been practicing every sport possible and has been getting lots of energy out lately. He is so active and has so much fun playing anything that involves a ball and running. We love our little man!

More "soccer" practice.

If Gavin wants to play baseball he can't just play. He has to get his full uniform on and then he is set. He uses some of Carl's old batting gloves, his Yankee shirt, and of course one of Dad's hats too. I am so excited for tee ball this summer! That will definetly keep us busy!!

Our little Yankee...he calls himself Jeter when he plays baseball. Maybe one day he will make millions and support his mom and dad :)
And now for our little Miss Kamryn! Can't believe she is almost 1, I swear she was born yesterday. She is such a drama queen! If she doesn't get her way she gets very mad and will let you know how she feels. She loves Gavin and wants to do everything that he does too. She is not really into her girl toys but loves to play with trucks and cars. She loves the vaccum and tries to hitch a ride on it when we have it out. No, she doesn't sleep well at night...Gavin didn't either so I guess that runs in our family (they take after Carl). She has two teeth right now, but that doesn't slow her down from eating everything she can get her hands on. We lovingly call her our little garbage disposal:) We can't imagine life without our little diva and love every minute we have with her and Gavin!!

Kamryn is obsessed with her tongue. I love this picture!