Saturday, April 25, 2009

I figured that since I'm here I might as well really be on a roll. Gavin is 10 months old now and is such a busy body. He is learning something new everyday and with that comes some pretty good bumps and bruises!

He got this nice bump at the library, Grandma B feels bad but it happens.

Gavin's new face. Grandma B also thought it would be fun to give him a nice messy treat

Gavin loves to swing. This is a babysitter for about 30-45 minutes

It's been a while, a few weeks ago at the Salina 4th Ward some fellow bloggers told me they haven't seen Gavin updated for a while. It has been since november and I won't tell you all about our life since then, but it has been crazy and fun. Gavin had RSV in February and was pretty sick so that was no fun at all. We also had a huge Month in March with 3 baby showers for new cousins and Uncle Brandon came home from his mission to Alabama. Gavin loves him and they have good times together. Gavin also was left alone for 2 seconds and burnt his hand on my straightener and had second degree burns...that was AWEFULL!!!! And on April 10, cousin Coy was born to Bre and Houston! He was 9 lbs. 12 oz. and was darling! Bre has had some complications and has been in the hospital, but today was able to come home. We are so glad she is doing well and I know Coy and Gavin will be good friends!! It's good to be back in the blogging world!

Gavin and Cousin Coy. Gavin gave Coy kisses and just loved him1

Gavin's burn. He looked like he had his hand amputated but it is better now!

Our welcome home sign for Uncle Brandon. Gavin was a big helper...

Gavin and Daddy taking a well deserved nap. This was the day after we found out about the RSV and none of us slept very well.