Saturday, September 27, 2008

Catch up on Sleep!!

Surprise surprise I am posting and it hasn't even been very long. Everybody just take a minute to breathe I know it's a lot to take in all at once! This weekend has been a lot of fun. Thursday I dropped Gavin off and my Mom and Dad's and Carl and I were off for a weekend alone. It was really sad leaving Gavin, but it was a lot of fun for Carl and I to relax and not have to worry about Gav for a short time. It was Carl's cousin's wedding and Carl was one of the best men, so we had to go to Salt Lake for their wedding. It was a really beautiful day and the temple was so much fun to attend! I love the Salt Lake temple and I really want to go through a session there soon! So here are some pictures of their wedding, let me know what you think. Lindsey (the bride) is into leopard and zebra prints so that was pretty much their theme. It was fun and it was nice to enjoy being with Kendall and Catherine while Kris and Lindsey were in the spotlight!

This is the partial wedding line, I couldn't fit everyone in it.

Coby Knudsen, Kris Bartholomew the happy groom, and Carl. These guys have been best friends and have had a lot of fun growing up together. It was fun to get them together for a picture!

The leopard print wedding cake...let me know what you think of it!

The centerpieces for the tables.

My handsome husband in his tux. He hated the darn thing, but I thought he looked pretty darn cute in it!

So we had a really fun weekend, we stayed at the Little America Hotel last night which was fun. Carl is such a good husband and treats me good. I couldn't have asked for a better husband and father for Gavin! Now we are in Salina for the night and are glad to be back with Gavin. I think he has grown in the two days we have been gone. So after a fun filled weekend of sleeping in and not having to wake up for feedings at 3:00am, we are back to our normal routine and I wouldn't have it any other way!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Did you miss me?

Okay so I am finally posting after many weeks. Sorry to everyone, especially Mom, Brit and Hill they have been on my case for a while. So we are doing awesome. We blessed Gavin on Sunday the 14th which you probably already know if you look at Brit's blog. It was a lot of fun to get the family and friends all together, we have a great family with lots of support and love! Two weekends ago we went with Carl's family to Heber City and went to the Jordanelle Res. for the day. We had a lot of fun but it was freezing cold the day we went to the lake so we were all fairly miserable. We also got a new car a few weeks ago which I absolutely love! It's a Honda Pilot and I no longer have to get down into a vehicle!!!!!!! HOORAY!! My job is going very well, I am learning so much; from math to biology to writing a paper on why the legal drinking age should be 18. I love the job and love the kids, sometimes I come home after dealing with a bunch of knotheads and hold Gavin and tell him if he ever acts that way, he'll be in big trouble. Of course he just smiles at me which I love so much. He woke me up at 5:30 this morning and was so happy, he and I danced, sang and here's another big milestone: Gavin rolled over!!!! It was so darn cute and made me such a proud, sad mom. He's getting so big so fast but I love it! Being a mom is the best thing in the world. Here are some pictures for you to enjoy!
This is Carl's parents Steve and Sherry and
look how hot Carl looks about ready to sneeze:)

This is my parents Dwayne and Brenda, the proud Grandma and Grandpa!

My new ride!!!!

So my photography isn't that great, I was trying to take pictures of me and Gavin and got a little sliver of myself. Oh well, he sure seems to like me!

This was the extent of Gavin playing at the lake. It was so windy and he already had a cold that I kept him wrapped up and out of the wind.

Carl and his Dad trying to find Laurie's sunglasses.

This is cousin Malia. She at so much candy at the lake that the rest of the day she was running around like the energizer bunny. I love the dirty face!

So there's our life in a nutshell. When we get more exciting news I promise I'll blog again.