Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dear Gavin,
You have been staying with Grandma and Grandpa B while I have been sick and I have missed chasing you all over the house. I have missed saying, "Gavin don't touch that!" "Gavin leave that alone...Gavin would you please stop!" And today I came to pick you up and you weren't too sure who I was. Life soon began over again at Grandma B's when you threw your vitamins on her carpet, emptied the toys all over the living room, threw your lunch, and broke Grandma's scentsy warmer. You made me cuss several times I will admit, but your puppy dog eyes made me feel super bad about being mad at you. I just want to know, why are you so curious? Why do you have to touch everything and eat everything and see what EVERYTHING does? You are a curious little boy and I love every minute of having you in my life. Keep being YOU! But maybe give us a break every once in a while. When you see us reaching our boiling point, maybe take a break and let us relax...Thanks for thinking of us buddy!