Saturday, October 23, 2010

Fall, Family, FUN!!

I'm pretty sure this is the cutest Buzz Lightyear ever!
Gav loves his costume, by Halloween it should be worn out.

Hay ride in Nephi.

Check out our pumpkins. Lately we can't get Gavin to smile without winking. He's so dang cute!

Family fun after the pumpkin patch. Thanks Donnie and Richard we had tons on fun.
Oh and thanks to Duncan for being an excellent tour guide!

We wanted to do something fun with Gavin before it starts getting cold. So for UEA break we took him to the Hogle Zoo for the day. There were so many people there that we thought it would be awful, but it turns out that it was perfect. We got to see all the animals that we were excited to see and had lots of fun together. Gavin loved it and was such a good boy. He keeps talking about the tigers and elephants that he saw.

Zuri the baby elephant was our favorite. Gavin loved watching her!

We rode the carousel 4 times, it was a difficult thing for me. Motion sickness comes right along with morning sickness lately, so Carl did most of the riding. Thank Heavens for a good daddy!

We even ran into a couple of our relatives while at the zoo. This is Grandpa Steve's cousin Eddie. I don't know about you but I see the resemblance. :)

The Gav Man had to check out the giraffes. He loved them.

What a cute kid!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Update on life!

I guess it's time to tell the world. We sent this announcement out a couple weeks ago:

What started as one
Turned into two
When mommy and daddy
Said, "I do."

Then they decided
To make two three.
By adding a child
That was me!

Now they think
They want some more.
So let's go ahead
And make three four.

If you read closely
You will see
I soon will be!


I guess from a previous post I made, Gavin did know what he was talking about when he asked for a baby sister. We are expecting a new baby in May and we are super excited!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

24th of July Pics

The Brown kids...this is one of our traditions to do a crazy jumping photo.

Our new family pic.

I love these pictures of Carl and Gavin...they are the cutest boys I know!!

My camera broke so I haven't had a lot of pics lately.
Hopefully I will get a new one and get blogging again!!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Can kids tell the future???

The past few days Gavin has been making me extremely nervous. I'm not sure he knows something we don't know but he has been asking me constantly, "Mommy my baby sister." "Where my baby sister?" Every time he says that it makes me want to run out and get a pregnancy test, does he see something we don't?

Last night at my Mom and Dad's house I found my old doll and was showing it to Gavin. As we were getting ready for bed he layed down on my lap and said, "I need baby sister" and went and grabbed my doll and held her. He made sure she was comfy and got her to sleep. It was so dang cute, but it really makes me nervous!!!!

The long hot days of summer caused me to break down and get the shaving cream out. Gav wasn't too sure about the idea, but once I got my hands involved he loved it. We wrote our names, gave high fives, and made lots of messes. It was a blast! Love you Gav Man!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

4th of July fun

I love the Fourth of July it is by far my favorite holiday! This year we went to both Salina and Gunnison and were able to see 2 sets of fireworks which made the holiday complete. Gavin wasn't too sure of fireworks and parades, but I think deep down he had fun.

We did sparklers with him in Salina and he hated them. He kept saying, "It scary mom it scary." I think the Aurora fireworks scared him to death but it was fun making memories.

My sisters Britney, Hillary and me sporting the red, white, and blue. We all agree that the fourth of July is the best!

Waiting for the parade to start.

Our little monkey bouncing at the Gunnison festivities,

This was Gavin's idea of catching candy in Gunnison. He hated the parade so he stayed back with daddy and caught up with family.

On Sunday, the 4th, Carl and I left Gavin with Grandma and Grandpa and took a little get away to Logan. We stayed at the Anniversay Inn and had a great time. We planned on going to the temple but on Tuesday morning we called Britney to see if she knew what time sessions started. She checked the internet and started laughing...the temple was closed for maintenence. At least we could laugh about it, but that really was the whole reason for going to Logan. Next time we'll check before going. We went to Eclipse and I have to admit I am still team Edward and of course Carl is team Alice. At least we both had something good to look at during the movie:)

Our first night we stayed in the Biker's Roadhouse which we loved. It is by far our favorite room with pinball, pool, hotdogs, sodas, and our favorite the motorcycle.

Our second night we stayed in Juliet's Balcony. This is looking down from the balcony at the tub. I loved the tub this is how I want my future bathroom!

After climbing the walls, jumping over the tub, racing up 17 stairs and sliding into place all within 10 seconds, Carl and I were able to get a picture of the two of us on the balcony. I had so much fun and loved being able to relax for a few days. Thanks to our parents for watching Gavin so we didn't have to worry about him while we were away! And thank you Carl for a great get away. He really knows how to surprise me and I am so grateful for him. He is the best husband in the world! I love you!!!

Gavin Turns 2

I love this little man! It's amazing how such a little package
can fill such a big space in your heart!


It's so hard to believe that you are already two. It seems like only yesterday you were born and now you are growing up right before my eyes. You have such a great personality and I just love watching you grow and learn new things. I know you will grow into a handsome young man and I want you to know I love you with all my heart!
Love, Mommy
P.S. I'm not the reason for his owie on the head, he fell off a bike at
grandma and grandpa anderson's house.

All Gav's cousins were so excited to help him blow out his candles and he loved the attention.

At Grandma and Grandpa Brown's house celebrating. Great Grandpa Wanlass loved the birthday cake...he is a farmer and loves John Deere too.

Gav couldn't wait to lick the frosting off his tractors.

Yummy frosting!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mommy wow! I'm a big boy now!!

Ok I had to post how proud I am of my little Gav man! Every day for about the past week he has been wanting to go potty more and more. So anytime he asks, I let him take his diaper off and sit on the potty for a while. I figured since he has such an interest in it, I'd get him some big boy underwear. Here he is proudly showing off his Thomas briches and let me tell you that must have done some good!
This morning he wanted to go potty so I sat him on the toilet and talked to him for a few minutes. He kept looking around so I gave him some reading material (The Ensign was the only thing I had) and that must have helped. After pointing out Jesus, who he calls Jesuh, several times he threw the magazine to me and started to grin. I smiled back and then I heard the sounds of #1 and then #2. I lost it!! I was so excited I ran into the other room screaming to Carl that, "He's doing it, he's going on the big boy potty!!!" What a dork I know. Gav was so proud and he was very thrilled to flush them bye bye. So my baby is growing up and I am so excited to keep going on the potty training! Way to go little monkey I am so proud of you!! Wish us luck!

Lots of summer fun!

Life has been crazy and I am loving summer break! Gav and I have been playing together all day everday and it is so much fun to see him learn and grow. He has been such a big helper with all of the tasks I have had lately and I really truly don't know what I would do without him!
We finally got our garden planted, but aren't expecting any great success. Gavin being the helper that he is thought he would step on plants, dig them up because he saw mommy digging up weeds and wanted to be helpful, and sit on them. Who knows maybe our little garden will be a lot stronger than we think...I don't know I didn't see anything about them withstanding the wrath of a 2 year old!
I'll keep you posted if anything grows:)

On Sunday, May 30 we got tickets to the Bees game and had a blast with my family! The weather was nice and it sure didn't hurt to see the Bees finally win it in 10 innings. Pretty much the entire game Gavin kept saying, "A baseball. A baseball" He loves baseball and loves to be outside. Grandma B and Aunt Brit took the kids to see Bumble the mascot, but Gavin started screaming and shaking and had no interest whatsoever. Poor little man, he sure liked the bee from a distance!

On the train at the Bees game

Yea! Hillary is a graduate of North Sevier High School. We are so proud of her and are excited to see her move on to awesome things. She is such a great sister and awesome aunt!! We love you Hill Billy!!!

Dad, Hill, and Mom

Friday, May 21, 2010

Lollipops and Sunglasses

Aunt Hill ripped out a lollipop today and Gavin thought she had to share with him. He wouldn't let Hillary keep her hand on the stick, and wouldn't let her get too far away without it. Such a cute precious moment! Gav sure loves his Aunt Hill!!

Yummy lollipop!

I bought Gavin some sunglasses a few weeks ago and he wasn't too sure of them. The other day we were playing outside and he insisted on wearing the sunglasses and his "hat" so we had to work out in the yard with them on. What a goof ball! He is also in love with the four wheeler and has to pretend he is riding on it daily. Yesterday all I heard was, "Mommy my beeler. Peese beeler!" I am so excited to have the entire summer to spend with him and watch him learn and grow. I love my little man!!!

Handsome little dude!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Little Things in Life

This weekend has been our Stake Conference and from it I learned that I need to appreciate the small, simple things in life. Gavin is growing up way too fast and I need to take the time to treasure every mess and every uh oh and enjoy him while I can. One of my favorite things growing up was eating a orange dreamcicle at my Grandma Brown's house. I bought a box the other day and decided to let the Gav man give it a try. Although there was a nice sticky mess left over it was fun to watch him devour it and enjoy it. I love this little man!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Super Fun Easter

A week ago Nephi had an Easter egg hunt that we thought would be fun to take Gavin to. We invited Casey and Leslie down and had a good time fighting the crowds to get a few Easter eggs. We had no idea that all of Nephi and their dog would be there, but we still had fun. Gage and Gavin had a blast playing together!
The two troopers preparing for the big hunt!

Gavin absolutley HATED the Easter Bunny...the second he saw him his entire body was shaking and I thought for sure he was going to pass out! Poor little man

I wanted to take some Easter pics of Gav and this is one of my favorites! He is growing into the cutest little guy ever and I just love watching him grow. He is full of mischief and curiosity and continues to amaze me every day. I love this little man!

The day we took these pictures it was freezing cold and as I was checking to see if they were turning out ok I looked up to see Gav just shivering saying, "No moe Momma!" What a trooper!

Last Monday for FHE we decided to go for a drive and see where the new temple in Payson will be. Here we are on the grounds. I don't know if Gavin quite understood but we told him about the new temple and said that as soon as it was built we would definetly be back to visit. I think he had more fun playing in the dirt than anything else.
Mommy and Gavin

We also thought it would be fun to walk around the Provo Temple grounds and let Gavin touch the temple. He thought it was pretty cool and loved to look up and see Angel Moroni. I was an emotional basket case as we taught him of the Temple work and he seemed to love hearing about it... What a great experience!

Easter Egg hunt at Grandma and Pa Anderson's house. The boys sure had a great time, Thanks Grandma for the fun toys and treats!

Check out the loot! Grandma Anderson made cute little pillowcases for the grandkids and had lots of fun treats for them. We had a blast being with the family for the weekend and just relaxing. We are looking forward to the arrival of "Baby Ooger" Casey and Leslie's baby and can't wait to get together again with the family. Love you guys!!
P.S. Baseball opening day was yesterday too. My Yankees lost, but hey there is plenty of season left to go...Right?