Monday, June 7, 2010

Mommy wow! I'm a big boy now!!

Ok I had to post how proud I am of my little Gav man! Every day for about the past week he has been wanting to go potty more and more. So anytime he asks, I let him take his diaper off and sit on the potty for a while. I figured since he has such an interest in it, I'd get him some big boy underwear. Here he is proudly showing off his Thomas briches and let me tell you that must have done some good!
This morning he wanted to go potty so I sat him on the toilet and talked to him for a few minutes. He kept looking around so I gave him some reading material (The Ensign was the only thing I had) and that must have helped. After pointing out Jesus, who he calls Jesuh, several times he threw the magazine to me and started to grin. I smiled back and then I heard the sounds of #1 and then #2. I lost it!! I was so excited I ran into the other room screaming to Carl that, "He's doing it, he's going on the big boy potty!!!" What a dork I know. Gav was so proud and he was very thrilled to flush them bye bye. So my baby is growing up and I am so excited to keep going on the potty training! Way to go little monkey I am so proud of you!! Wish us luck!

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The Jolley Family said...

Good job Gavin. We are proud of you.