Friday, May 21, 2010

Lollipops and Sunglasses

Aunt Hill ripped out a lollipop today and Gavin thought she had to share with him. He wouldn't let Hillary keep her hand on the stick, and wouldn't let her get too far away without it. Such a cute precious moment! Gav sure loves his Aunt Hill!!

Yummy lollipop!

I bought Gavin some sunglasses a few weeks ago and he wasn't too sure of them. The other day we were playing outside and he insisted on wearing the sunglasses and his "hat" so we had to work out in the yard with them on. What a goof ball! He is also in love with the four wheeler and has to pretend he is riding on it daily. Yesterday all I heard was, "Mommy my beeler. Peese beeler!" I am so excited to have the entire summer to spend with him and watch him learn and grow. I love my little man!!!

Handsome little dude!!

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