Saturday, July 24, 2010

Can kids tell the future???

The past few days Gavin has been making me extremely nervous. I'm not sure he knows something we don't know but he has been asking me constantly, "Mommy my baby sister." "Where my baby sister?" Every time he says that it makes me want to run out and get a pregnancy test, does he see something we don't?

Last night at my Mom and Dad's house I found my old doll and was showing it to Gavin. As we were getting ready for bed he layed down on my lap and said, "I need baby sister" and went and grabbed my doll and held her. He made sure she was comfy and got her to sleep. It was so dang cute, but it really makes me nervous!!!!

The long hot days of summer caused me to break down and get the shaving cream out. Gav wasn't too sure about the idea, but once I got my hands involved he loved it. We wrote our names, gave high fives, and made lots of messes. It was a blast! Love you Gav Man!!


J said...

I believe they can. Maybe Gavin is telling you that a little sister is somewhere in your future. Before we knew about my niece, my other little niece declared "It's a girl and a boy." Lets just say she was right about her baby sister. And that perhaps there's a little brother up there, but time will only tell.

Tyler and Kendra Ellis said...

Oh dear, Heather! Ha ha! That would be really funny if it were true. OK, if it happened to me, I wouldn't laugh, but really, that could be a useful talent! :)

Hillary Sue said...

Thanks for letting me come stay with you guys for a few days!! I had a lot of fun! Love you all!

Trevor and Audra said...

ha ha! A little sister would be fun!!! I love the shaving cream game - I have never seen that before! What a fun mom you are!