Saturday, September 27, 2008

Catch up on Sleep!!

Surprise surprise I am posting and it hasn't even been very long. Everybody just take a minute to breathe I know it's a lot to take in all at once! This weekend has been a lot of fun. Thursday I dropped Gavin off and my Mom and Dad's and Carl and I were off for a weekend alone. It was really sad leaving Gavin, but it was a lot of fun for Carl and I to relax and not have to worry about Gav for a short time. It was Carl's cousin's wedding and Carl was one of the best men, so we had to go to Salt Lake for their wedding. It was a really beautiful day and the temple was so much fun to attend! I love the Salt Lake temple and I really want to go through a session there soon! So here are some pictures of their wedding, let me know what you think. Lindsey (the bride) is into leopard and zebra prints so that was pretty much their theme. It was fun and it was nice to enjoy being with Kendall and Catherine while Kris and Lindsey were in the spotlight!

This is the partial wedding line, I couldn't fit everyone in it.

Coby Knudsen, Kris Bartholomew the happy groom, and Carl. These guys have been best friends and have had a lot of fun growing up together. It was fun to get them together for a picture!

The leopard print wedding cake...let me know what you think of it!

The centerpieces for the tables.

My handsome husband in his tux. He hated the darn thing, but I thought he looked pretty darn cute in it!

So we had a really fun weekend, we stayed at the Little America Hotel last night which was fun. Carl is such a good husband and treats me good. I couldn't have asked for a better husband and father for Gavin! Now we are in Salina for the night and are glad to be back with Gavin. I think he has grown in the two days we have been gone. So after a fun filled weekend of sleeping in and not having to wake up for feedings at 3:00am, we are back to our normal routine and I wouldn't have it any other way!!


Brandon and Britney said...

Interesting cake... Anyways glad you had a fun weekend. We should pick a time to go to a session in Salt Lake together cause we want to go too. Talk to you soon. Love ya!

Eric and Brooke said...

I must say the whole wedding theme is interesting. But I'm not one for animal print either. Some would say the same about my hot pink, black, and white wedding. :) The cake just doesn't look appetizing to me, but it's cool they could do something like that. Anyway, there's my somewhat harsh opinion. ;o) Glad you had a nice weekend to yourselves, but it's always nice to get back to your baby too.

Camille Dumas said...

Hey Heather! Was that a real cake? I finally got a blog! It was really good to see you at the football game!

Hillary Sue said...

Hey Heather, Glad you had a fun weekend. Tending Gavin was so much fun even though I had to go to San Juan and Grand for volleyball. The wedding looked like it was fun. Love ya tons. Talk to you soon.

Adam and Dev said...

What a small world she married your husband's cousin- I know her from snow College- she has always been spunky with her style too! Anyways, my blog is private but I would love to send you an invite. Just send me your email to