Saturday, October 18, 2008

I'm a Slacker!

Here's Santa's newest elf in training!

I know everyone is busy, but I have been busy with work, trying to move to a new place, and keeping up with my boys that I haven't been able to blog. So my blogs are going to be like a lunar eclipse, they'll happen once in a great while and you'll be lucky to catch it!
So here's my blog for the next few weeks, take your time reading it because like I said it might be a while before it happens again. Right now we are making Gavin stay awake after 5pm so he'll sleep better, which he does. But we have to deal with "Oscar the Grouch" from 5 to 8 (bedtime) because he is so tired and grumpy. Oh well, just a phase we have to go through I guess. So Gav is almost 4 months and is growing like crazy. I was looking through some pictures and had to post some of my favorites from when he was teeny.

Gavin throwing an Anderson attitude, that can't be a Brown trait!

This is the picture we used for his birth announcement. He is sitting in Carl's baseball mitt so we are hoping that from a young age he will get the hint and be the Yankee shortstop one day. I don't know the Yanks aren't doing so great so maybe he'll play for the Phillies!

Gavin playing with "Puppy" his new favorite toy that must go everywhere he goes.

Aunt Leslie and Uncle Casey are letting us borrow this fun toy so we can keep Gavin entertained and actually accomplish something around the house.

P.S. The World Series is almost here!!!!!! Go Phillies since the Yankees didn't make it!

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Benson Family said...

He is getting so big!!! Your family pictures are cute!!