Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The computer was crazy and I couldn't post my favorite pics. We also went the the Tuachan's production of Footloose and it was amazing!!! I love musicals and was slightly nervous that Carl, Mr. picky about musicals, would hate it but he loved it too. I think I might have caught him tapping his foot, but don't tell him that:) Gavin was I think the only baby in the audience that was awake during the entire thing which was hard because he is vocal and they don't like babies making a peep during the production. However we made it through and had a good time dancing and singing along.
No we didn't see Annie, but here's our latest family picture.

Gavin and I had to meet Ren and Ariel. They did such a good job! And if you'll notice Ren is Thayne from So You Think You Can Dance season 4...I wanted him to win and he should have but oh well. He's a cutie and Gavin just loved all the attention he got from the cast members. Maybe next year we will head back to another musical...Carl needs some culture in him...haha

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Bree said...

Looks like fun! We used to have our dance competitions there, I think it is so beautiful! Gavin is growing up so fast,he is a doll! Good luck on the house!! :)